Wrong article/news dated 15/08/2015 has come under the attention of Gurkha Channel which was published by the online Nepalese Media Portal “” Registered Company name: WENEPALI.COMLIMITED” with the Registration No: 08947559 , making the false allegation of raising money for the event ( NRN Election 2015 – Candidate Debate Live Show) from the nominated candidates for the NRN election 2015, which Gurkha Channels strongly denies being involved in any of the mentioned activities. It not only questions the company’s reputation and code of conduct but also questions how Nepalese Television Industry operates in UK and around the world. We take this as a serious breach of conduct and medium to hamper one’s brand image/defamation without proper proof.

We request all Nepalese people living in the UK and around the world to ignore such stories. To investigate the current issue we have formed a separate Investigation committee and is seeking expert legal advice from the legal team. We shall keep you all updated via our Channel and Official Facebook page.