Interested in reaching the Nepalese Market?

Advertise with Gurkha Channel

We are the only Nepalese Television Channel broadcasting live from London, United Kingdom. We are the only effective means to reach every hearts and souls in the Nepalese Market

How much exposure will I get?

As all the programmes are in-house productions. Therefore, we go air everyday to all the Gurkha TV customers globally. We also do the social media update on a regular basis. All the programmes are uploaded on YouTube channel and Facebook after 30 mins of its broadcasting on Channel.

We are also directly connected to all the Nepalese Organisations in the UK (Both Profitable & Non-Profitable Organisations).

We also work closely with the Entrepreneurs in the UK helping them to reach their target audience.

What is the maximum video size allowed for creative?

We have different Advertisement Packages in our rate card for different Programmes. It varies from 12 to 120 times per month depending on the type of package you choose.

Am I eligible to advertise on Gurkha Channel?

We welcome all types of business to promote depending on the content complying with the OFCOM regulation.

Is it UK based advertising only?

We are currently broadcasting in the UK, USA, Japan & Australia and we are looking to reach 63 countries in the next 5 years.

What is the maximum video size allowed for creative?

The maximum video size permitted on Gurkha Channel depends on the creative type as standard video size limits are:

  • 1 minute video
  • 30 second video
  • 15 second video
  • 5 second video

How much does it cost to advertise on Gurkha Channel?

All adverts run on Gurkha Channel require a minimum spend of £100. All the pricing are included in our Rate Card.

What creative formats are supported?

Gurkha Channel supports most creative formats including MP4HD, HD. If you are unsure or would like to know more, please contact us.

Do we have to make our own video advert or you will provide us?

We do have our in-house productions team who can assist in making the video advert.


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